Brand Ambassadors

Wyld Cub Brand Ambassadors

Here at Wyld Cub, it's so important to us that community and our brand values are at the heart of everything we do. Our brand ambassadors are an extension of this within the community we love and enjoy on social media. 

We recognise the time, effort and creativity that goes into content creation and maintaining a strong social media presence. So not only do we also support our ambassadors, but we encourage everyone to support one another also.

What we look for: 

  • Intention: Genuine and authentic accounts with the dogs' interest at the heart of the page. Monetisation and marketing of an account should always be secondary to the accounts intention. Dogs are family and your content should reflect this to align with our values.  
  • Community: High level of regular engagement both with the community and community interactions with your account. 
  • Followers: Following and follower counts must be genuine and community driven. No accounts with purchased likes or follows are considered. 
  • Brand Affinity: A genuine affinity to our brand and products. If you wish to be part of our team, you must love what our brand represents, like our products and share our brand values. 
  • Engage: Genuine engagement with our account and content. 
  • Content: Accounts who display high quality images and videos 
  • Creativity: Accounts who are creative, fun and use Instagram to its full potential. 

If you think your account does all this and more and would like to be part our team, please email a request to: