Creating a Fun, Friendly and Pawsitively Safe Garden for Your Dog And Puppy

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How to create a Dog Friendly Garden

Whether you have a playful puppy or a wise old dog, providing a secure and enjoyable outdoor space is essential for their well-being. In this guide, we'll cover everything you need to know to make your garden safe, stimulating, and stylish for your canine companion.

1: Puppy Proofing Your Garden - Building a Solid Foundation

Welcoming Your New Puppy

  • Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting time, but safety comes first. Create a designated puppy area with a sturdy fence, so your little one can explore and play safely. This is a great time and opportunity to train your puppy to wear their harness or collar and be on the lead as a way to make the positive association between walk-wear and adventure!
  • According to the Dogs Trust, puppy-proofing your garden can help prevent accidents and ensure a positive experience outside for your puppy.

Fencing and Barriers

  • Secure your garden with dog-proof fencing and barriers to prevent curious pups from wandering off. Opt for fences with no gaps and sturdy materials to deter escape artists.
  • suggests using wire or mesh to reinforce garden fences, making it harder for dogs to dig under or jump over.

2: Fun and Engaging Garden Features for Dogs of All Ages

Interactive Toys and Games

  • Keep your dog mentally stimulated and entertained with interactive toys and games. Puzzle toys and treat dispensers challenge their minds and provide hours of fun.
  • The PDSA recommends using toys and games to prevent boredom and reduce destructive behaviour in dogs.

Agility and Exercise Areas

  • Create an agility course or designated exercise area to keep your dog physically active and fit. Use jump hoops, tunnels, and weave poles for a pawsome outdoor workout.
  • emphasises the importance of regular exercise for dogs to maintain a healthy weight and prevent behavioural issues.

3: Puppy Behavior and Garden Etiquette

Toilet Training in the Garden

  • Use your garden as a designated spot for potty training your puppy. Take them to the same area each time and reward them for their good behaviour. Use this time to train your puppy to wear their harness or collar to create an association of positive actions with their walk-wear. 
  • Purina UK advises establishing a routine for your puppy's bathroom breaks to reinforce consistent toilet training.

Training for Poop Pick-Up

  • Train your puppy to wait patiently while you pick up their poop. This ensures a clean and hygienic garden and sets a good example for outdoor behaviour. Make poop-picking less of a chore with our stylish poop bag holders
  • The PDSA encourages responsible dog ownership, which includes promptly cleaning up after your dog to keep the environment clean and safe.

4: Safety Measures and Practical Tips Subsection: Dog-Friendly Plants and Landscaping

  • Choose dog-friendly plants and avoid toxic ones to prevent accidental ingestion. Incorporate shaded areas and water features for a comfortable and enjoyable space.
  • offers a list of pet-safe plants, including marigolds, sunflowers, and petunias.

Keeping the Garden Escape-Proof

  • Regularly check and reinforce fences to ensure your garden remains escape-proof. Patch up any holes or gaps that adventurous dogs might exploit. If you are unsure your garden is escape-proof, always make sure your dog is wearing their collar or harness outside and never leave them unsupervised. 
  • advises using deterrent sprays on fences and gates to discourage dogs from chewing or digging at them.

With these tips and tricks, you're well on your way to creating a dog-friendly oasis right in your backyard. By combining safety, fun, and practicality, you'll provide your furry friend with the perfect place to play, explore, and relax. So, go ahead and unleash the potential of your garden to become a pawsitively delightful space for your beloved pooch.

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