Wyld Cub Awarded Ethical Company Award 2023

We are very pleased to announce, for the second year running we have attained the The Good Shopping Guide's Ethical Accreditation for our environmental and ethical initiatives.


Article by The Good Shopping Guide

In which areas does Wyld Cub perform well?

Wyld Cub performs well across our criteria and standards for consideration of the Environment, Animals and People. Its commitment to the Environment and Animal Welfare is particularly commendable.

Certifying the safety of its harnesses for dogs is just a small part of Wyld Cub’s commitment to animal welfare. The brand was awarded two PetQuip Awards, the premier organisation for the UK’s pet industry.

What makes Wyld Cub so sustainable?

Wyld Cub has a wide range of sustainable initiatives that further the brand’s ethical status. This harness brand received the PETA-Approved Vegan certification from PETA.

Wyld Cub strives to only use paper that originates from ethically and environmentally managed forests. For every tree used, another is planted. To minimise its influence on the environment, Wyld Cub only purchases what is actually needed. Its sweatshirts are wrapped in 100% compostable self-seal poly bags, and the tags are made of cotton rather than plastic.

This brand commits to only collaborating with partners and suppliers who uphold the same standards and ethics as they do.

How did Wyld Cub attain Ethical Accreditation?

Wyld Cub has attained Ethical Accreditation from The Good Shopping Guide. This involved an application process and a full review of the brand’s ethical policies and practices. Wyld Cub is subject to an annual review to ensure the company maintains high ethical standards.

As a result, Wyld Cub is permitted to use our Good Shopping Guide Ethical logo, which certifies the brand’s ethical status and allows consumers to recognise Wyld Cub as an ethical brand.

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