Why Dogs are Great for your Mental Health

Here at Wyld Cub we thought it would be very informative of us to let you know in what ways dogs are great for your mental health. Dogs are not just part of the family; they are an integral part of your livelihood. They are not just your fluffy companion, your extra ear or your walking buddy; they have formed the better part of your and your family’s life. 


Our hope is that if you ever think about adding a new dog to your family, you consider whether you can truly give it the best WYLD adventure. Can you give it the love and nurture it deserves? Maybe consider fostering before dedicating yourself. Maybe even consider adopting. But most importantly, here at WYLD CUB we believe all dogs are special, equal and important and deserve the best home filled with love. Dogs are there to lift your spirit and mood with their button eyes, waggling tail and stomping paws. 

5 Ways Dogs are Great for your Mental Health


A routine is a structure that helps anyone with anxiety or depression feel that extra reassurance. Repeating actions for your dog such as feeding, walking, playing and caring ensure you are not only prioritising your dog, but you can fit them into your schedule. Establishing a routine that is flexible but solid is very important for your dog to know they are loved but it is also a reason for you to get out and be sociable. 


Have you ever noticed that no one else in the whole world reacts the same way a dog does? Does anyone else get so excited to see you when you leave the room and re-enter two minutes later? That in itself is calming, knowing you always have someone to rely on. Alongside this is the fact those who suffer with anxiety have motivation to leave the house and know their fluffy companion will be happy which will get your mind off your own stressful thoughts. Simply being with a dog can lower the level of stress hormones. 


Living with a dog adds a sense of security and someone to be with. If you are finding yourself working from home in the recent months, a dog adds more structure. For those who are living alone or elderly, having a dog can ensure your anxiety is reduced and can improve depression and low mood. 


When we see them catch their balls, roll over, eat their dinner and enjoy their walks, we know as owners we are doing a great job. This makes us feel wanted, loved and appreciated for all that we do for our dogs, which boosts our mood and feelings of self-worth. 


Movement and touch are some of the best ways to show affection and relieve stress and anxiety; why not brush, stroke or hug your dog? It can be the best way to show reciprocal love, which instantly improves mood.  

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