The Importance of Dog Walking

The lovely Cassie from TheLondonDogClub on Instagram provides a 5* dog walking service that covers London, Surrey and West Sussex. Not only does she share the same love for dogs as WYLD CUB but she took to her own Instagram in September to recommend running with your pooch and she listed six reasons why. We LOVED the post and wanted to build on it by asking Cassie more questions about the importance of walking your dog!


Read her Instagram post here: 


Cassie, very importantly you speak about how exercising is a great bonding opportunity. Can you explain what you mean by “bonding” because we know bonding is not just about physical affection.

Bonding is about so much more than just physical affection. When you bond with your pup, you build trust and respect, harnessing your dogs natural pack instincts. Although physical affection is a very important part of bonding with your dog, mental bonds are often the ones which are overlooked. A strong mental bond (trust/respect) helps your dog feel safe and ensures you have a deeper and more rewarding relationship with your pupper! A great way to build these bonds is through exercise, asking your pup to concentrate on you when moving together helps strengthen your pack ties.

We love the fact you address exercise is not just a physical activity for dogs but also for mental stimulation. Why is that?

Centuries of domestication have led our furry pals to look to us for leadership, one of the most mentally stimulating things you can do for your pup is give it a purpose. When you exercise with your dog you are asking it to focus on you (its purpose for that activity), so you are simultaneously asking your dog to concentrate on you and on the physical task at hand.

What is your dog actually getting stimulated by?

By all the sights, sounds and smells whizzing past as it exercises, so a run or high intensity walk will undoubtedly wear your pup out both physically and mentally. 

Amazing! You know so much and WYLD CUB are definitely advocates of not only loving cubs but educating everyone about them too. We also, as you do, believe the parents of dogs' mental state are just as important as their cubs. Can you give us two ways why walking and running with your dog can help the owner as well?

There is nothing that makes me feel better when I’m in a negative mood than a good old dog walk! Firstly, and probably most importantly, both exercising and stroking an animal have been scientifically proven to release endorphins, so regardless of how much you think you don’t want to exercise it WILL make you feel better. 

Secondly, as I mentioned before, there’s nothing that helps me think clearer than moving my body. If your brain is stuck in a rut, getting outside, moving around, seeing some greenery and watching your cub muck about like a loon will soon help you sort through your thoughts. 

There really is nothing better than a cub going WYLD! For many out there, having the motivation to go outside and walk themselves is hard, can you explain why it’s not only important for hoomans to get exercise but why it’s vital their dogs do too?

Just like humans, dogs become fitter and build more muscle through exercise. Giving your dog plenty of exercise ensures that their joints are supple, their muscles are strong and they are therefore less likely to develop health issues or injuries. Keeping your dog fit, healthy and at the correct weight is not only going to prolong their lives, a well exercised dog is also less likely to have behavioural issues such as destructive chewing and separation anxiety. Remember, a healthy dog is a happy dog!

That’s all we ever want isn’t it, a happy and healthy dog. Fantastic advice Cassie. Finally, can you, in three words, tell us what your favourite thing about being a dog walker is? Here at WYLD CUB, we think dog walking is freeing, fun and therapeutic!

Wow, how to condense my favourite activity into three words! For me, dog walking is calming, characterful and more often than not, hilarious! 


HOW do we even sum up such beautiful, inspiring and accurate words? I think Cassie does it best. She adds, “Exercise is a great tool to have in your arsenal for most doggy conundrums, such as changes in behaviour, introducing new friends, preparing for stressful situations. If your pup is well worn out from a walk they will deal with all these issues better and it will be easier for you to manage them too. Not to mention, you will all the while be strengthening your bond with each other in the process. Time spent walking with your pup is never time wasted!”.

If any cub parent out there feels alone, unappreciated or overwhelmed, just know WYLD CUB is here and know you have amazing platforms out there that can help guide and advise you. 

Cassie's Instagram: @thelondondogclub