How to Entertain your Dog at Home

Entertaining your dogs is not always easy. It can be time-consuming, tiring and feel like your dog isn’t really enjoying themselves properly. But entertaining your dog is not just about them, it’s also how you, as the owner, present yourself to your dog. Are you interacting with them for quality time, to simply occupy them or are you just trying to find the right way to entertain them?

Wyld Cub is here to give you some tips on how you can entertain your dog without buying items daily, losing lots of time out of your day or over-thinking how to be the best cub parent. 


A Window Seat

Let them have a view that can last them a lifetime. Dogs' attention spans are small and whilst they love the outside, they love being lazy and nosey. Allow them to have a space where they can see outside, see who is passing by and be the guard dog they want to be! 

Put a blanket or their favourite toy there so they are encouraged to go back and sit there. It’s funny how long dogs will sit and just watch the world go buy, that’s why we love them. 

Ice Cube Treats

Get your ice cube tray or a bowl and fill it with treats, carrots or their favourite vegetable and pop it in the freezer overnight. The next day your cub has a fun, engageful and time-consuming activity for themselves and they get a treat out of it! This is perfect for a warm day but also if your dogs are not drinking enough water during the day. 

Rotate Toys

Dogs have their favourite toys but more often than not their favourite is chewed and licked to the point where it likely should be binned. However, we would NEVER do that to our beloved dogs, so instead, let’s get their other toys some loving! 

Let them have the toys they don’t play with often during the day and bring their regular ones back for the evening time, especially if they have an attachment to one for comfort. 

Different Scenery

Not all dogs are allowed to play around the whole house, so do adapt this depending on where your dogs are allowed to go. But letting your dogs have different places to be during the day can help them be comfortable in different settings, see things from different places and it’s a chance for them to get a bit of indoor exercise in. 

Even if they are only allowed downstairs, keep the back door open or the blinds and curtains, so they can see the outside world from different parts of the house as a change of scenery for them. 

Quality not quantity 

Dogs can be happy playing by themselves as long as they also have quality time with them. Quality time is much more important over quantity. 

Spare 5 or 10 minutes 3-4 times a day. This will remind your dog you are there, they know where you are, that you love them and that all is well. We know dogs can boost our mood, so let’s boost theirs too! 

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