Change a Pet’s Life Day

You read that right! A day dedicated to changing your, a, any, pet’s lives! We’re going to take you through what it is and how you can help or acknowledge the day now and in the future (every day!)

What is it?

Created in 2009, National Change a Pet’s Life Day on January 24th recognises the hard work of animal shelter staff and volunteers and encourages fostering and adoption of shelter pets to raise awareness about the challenges they face every day. 

The leading hashtag on social media is #ChangeAPetsLifeDay or #NationalChangeAPetsLifeDay so make sure to spread the word!

Remember we never tell you how you should get your dog but we always encourage and raise awareness to let you know you can also adopt or foster your pet. 

What’s the need for the day?

Shelter pets are always in need of extra love, care and attention as well as toys, comfort and a little extra room to wiggle around in (space is a premium in shelters). With so many pets, especially dogs being overbreeded, there is a large overpopulation of them in shelters and sometimes it’s hard for the staff and volunteers to give all their time to making sure each and every pet has the attention they need. 

A lot of shelters create events, fundraisers and take to social media to get the word out there but it also takes you reading posts like this to understand HOW we can help.  

So how can we help?

Most shelters / rescues and organisations rely on the generosity of donors to fund the rescue, rehabilitation and care of the animals until they are adopted or fostered. Many pets in these environments have been neglected, abused or given up. A fair few require medical attention and we know how expensive those bills can be without insurance (and even with insurance at the best of times!). 

Your financial support, whether it’s big or small means the world to them and the animals. Whilst the animals can’t thank you, their comfort and ability to recover makes them all the more appealing to their prospective paw-rents. If they are medically better and mentally on their way, they are moving forward to finding a forever home! 

What if I can’t get a new animal but I want to help?

Of course you can donate, but if you already have a pet of your own and you want to do something to help change THEIR lives, you can make some positive changes for them and yourself. 

If they need more exercise, get that lead, your boots on and get out of the house! Create a new routine for both of you that includes more physical activity and mental stimulation. A healthier diet can never go a miss either, it may even help you stay focused on your own health too! Maybe if you’re a very busy individual or family, take smaller quality time periods with your dog than disrupted longer bursts of time. 

We want to wish every pet out there the most love, happiness and adventure of a lifetime, to not only live their best life but to stand out from the pack in the park and in their heart. 


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