A Love Letter to Our Dogs

I think we speak for everybody when we say that we sometimes just look at our dogs and love them so much we could scream! Practically every day we tell them we love them, admire them, that they’re a ‘good boy/girl’ and that they are ‘so clever’. At Wyld Cub we believe this love should be celebrated every day but especially on Valentine's Day. So we wanted to write a love letter to every dog out there. 


Dear Dogs, 

Thank you for being the best.

Thank you for being there when I needed a fluffy shoulder to cry on,

Thank you for not judging me when I go to the kitchen for the 4th time. 

Thank you for never judging no matter what. 

Thank you for tilting your head when I make a noise you’re not too sure of, it always makes me laugh. 

Thank you for cuddling me when you know I am sad, angry, anxious or just need you.

Thank you for not pooing on anything white I own. 

Thank you for barking at the mailman, I know I shout at you when you do it too much but I also know I will miss it when you no longer do it. 

Thank you for loving every single walk I take you on. 

Thank you for smelling everything we walk past, it really makes me happy to know you’re having a good adventure.

Thank you for playing with your toys, every time you do it’s like you’re a puppy again.

Thank you for resting your head on my leg, arm or chest the way you do, it always melts my heart. 

Thank you for rolling in other dog’s poo or fox poo, you smell after, but I can see how Wyld you are. 

Thank you for looking at me for a long period of time, I can really see into your eyes and they’re SO cute.

Thank you for doing absolutely anything to get human food, that’s hilarious. 

Thank you for giving me your paw, rolling over or laying down when I ask. 

Finally, thank you for being patient, loving and as always, Wyld. 


Wyld Cub.

If you could thank your dog, what would you say?