3 Ways you and your Dog can keep Paws-itive

We know dogs can be hard work, attention seeking and require a lot of love but we also know dogs can lift your mood, provide stability and consistency in your life that hoomans can’t! 

Here are three very important ways you and your Cubs can be paws-itive day to day. 


It’s very important to have a consistent exercise routine and diet for both you and your cub! Make sure you are rewarding your cub when they do good behaviour and not just because they are cute! Also, remember your health is important too. Focus on aligning your health with your dogs. If you are putting your dog on a food plan to keep them in a good mental space, do it for yourself too! Cubs are like children, they pick up on behaviour and mood, so make sure to consider your health just as much as theirs. 


Remember the fun stuff! Spend quality fun time with your cub and it doesn’t have to always be about walking, eating or giving them a new toy. 

It’s really important to remember your alone time and even time when you can have fun. Consider things that genuinely make you happy and think how you can incorporate them into your weekend or maybe during your week, especially if you’re working from home. Maybe it’s your daily walks that give you endorphins. Consider having a 20 minute walk on your own and a longer one with your cub! Work hard and play harder really comes into play here, so don’t forget it! 


New routines can be scary and confusing for dogs, give your dog the chance to learn and play on their own with interactive toys or hiding treats around the house. This will also give you some time to yourself too.

It’s vital that you take time for yourself, whether it be 10-15 minutes in order to re-centre yourself, focus on what you need to do versus what is essential. If you can prioritise  the most important things to do first, then that gives you time to orchestrate a better routine that is flexible and more workable. It also gives you more time to regroup with your family, housemates or your Cubs! Learning the best routine for you is not just about getting everything on your to-do list done, but establishing what works and what doesn’t! And it’s ok to still be figuring that out because our Cubs figure and switch up their routines daily! 

Remember to be kind to yourself; your mind, body and heart and also your Cubs. Try and see the paws-itive in everything, if you can, because it usually is there, even if you have to dig a little deeper than usual! 

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